November Newsletter

November Newsletter

As Ashford’s authorised Tasmanian dealer for more than a decade The Wool Shop is looking forward to hosting Richard and Elizabeth Ashford for the Bothwell SpinIn 1-2 March 2019.  A wonderful family company that is a pleasure to work with.

My daughter Briana and I have just returned from New Zealand and five hectic days at Ashford Wheels and Looms in Ashburton. We were more than happy to trial the new Kiwi3 and the latest addition to the Electric Wheel family - the Jumbo eSpinner - both due in-store Monday (see photos), as well as Rigid Heddle and table looms and all other wheels. A great chance to update product knowledge and trial new products.  Thanks to Kate and Libby for your tutelage and guidance.

Carding, dyeing and felting were also on the very full agenda. To mix with talented dealers from the USA, Canada and Australia was very educational and a lot of fun.  

This might be a good chance to update your equipment – see us for prices etc., and remember there will be wheels in-store to inspect.

Summer knitting , whilst not as constant as winter, brings some luscious colours through the ranges. Erika Knight’s Linen is a prime example with greens, plums and mauves to add to blues and stones. Some interesting designs accompany this product as well.

With Christmas too close, don’t forget we do gift vouchers for those that like to choose what is “just right”.

Enjoy the season,

Casting off