December Newsletter

December Newsletter

Another year gone..where? 

And how is this weather, sweltering one day and snow in the Midlands the next. But then that is Tasmania.  A small island with so much to offer, It is very easy to love.

This is the time of year I get to see the coming attractions for 2018 and try to remember I cannot stock it all.  

To date I know that the favourites like Misti Alpaca (lace and sock) will be re-stocked with a new range of colours; Amuri  (possum and merino) in 4 and 8ply will have aligned colours instead of two different ranges and Naturally have a great new range of flecks. Lots of Alpaca yarns, and many more I am sure.

Early last week I visited Bendigo Woollen Mills which now produce not only the very reliable Heirloom range but have also recently (as of October) taken on the ownership of Patons, Cleckheaton, Shepherd and Panda, ensuring an increased Australian content AND production. Together with the Wangaratta mill which runs the wonderful Superfine, it is a company that gives knitters of Australian wools good choice and reliability. 

Again we have a new range of Opal for the summer and small project knitters. Or the dedicated sock knitters. Or, as it has recently been pointed out, weavers. Great either as a warp or weft.  Very effective.

An update on Jack, the great floor loom - no more pictures. Apologies but Jack found another home before I got to play.  I am sure he has gone to a good home and that his new owner will continue her already impressive weaving journey quite happily. 

The new eSpinner3 is selling well with lots of ooohs and aaahs.  Such a tiny production Unit, it has to be on a Christmas list or two.

On that note, there are a number of Ashford products that should/could be in the Christmas stocking this year. 

Give the shop a call about the items shown. We are frustrated elfs so would love to plot and plan special presents. Photo of new tea-towel kits for the new SampleIt40. RRP $80 for 6 tea-towels.

Last but certainly not least I would like to thank all those who supported our fundraiser for November.  I would like to thank suppliers and friends, particularly Naturally Yarns, Kendra Gardam, Sally Ord, Karen and Robin Lawson, for their support and contributions that made our fundraiser a very successful night.  The donation to PANCARE totalled $1200. Raffle winners are 1st Carole Hook (pictured receiving her prize) 2nd E Longo; 3rd S Foale; 4th J Cole. Thank you to all who participated.

Shop hours over the Holiday Season are as follows:

Closing at 4 pm Friday 22nd December,

Re-open 10 am - 3 pm: December 27, 28 29

Business as usual 2 January. 9 am to 4 pm

On behalf of Maureen and I, we wish you the happiest of holidays and the very best 2018.

Casting off for another year,